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Weighing it all up.

The Little Farming Company NEW BLOG...We will be creating a little diary blog with lots of helpful tips and anecdotes about life surrounded by our Pygmy Goats, Cameroon Sheep and animals and life here on our Little Farm.

Hopefully we will Make Your Life Better - Little by Little.

If you are weighing up the thought of having goats in your life... give us a call or drop us an email. There is much to think about and we have all been there... wondering when or if we should buy a few little goats to join the family! Making that first decision is the hardest - the rest ... well its just kidding around!


Bear with us - this blogging thing will be new to us!

The boys will be choosing what to write about and they will be helping me edit this area.

We will be sharing our knowledge on how we care for these precious animals and what makes it all work and what we get up to day to day and I hope we can help, entertain, interest and inspire you.

You may not be able to have animals but by sharing some of our daily life that we are lucky enough to experience, it may bring a you a little smile.

PS...This image is of how we weigh our little goats for their worming dose. They don't mind it at all - in fact they quite enjoy the attention! A few even climbed into the shopping bag themselves! We like to weigh them to get an accurate dosage for each kid / goat. If you under-worm then it it doesn't work and just creates resilience to the medication, if you overdose it can have detrimental effects on their gut. We only worm AFTER doing an egg worm count (where we take fresh droppings to our local farm vet for immediate analysis)

It is not a stressful time - as they totally trust us and in turn, doing things like this is easy.


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