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Therapy Goats

Our Little goats are available to visit Care Homes, Schools & Your Business.

Animals have long been shown to elevate mood, bring joy and help calm people.

There is evidence that interaction with animals will increase Oxytocin levels (the bonding hormone), increase dopamine levels (a neurotransmitter associated with rewards), decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone), decrease blood pressure, and improve PTSD/depression/anxiety. 

Our goats see people as a source of attention and love, so they will seek it out. It has long been known that animals can bring about an incredible change in mood. Some illnesses have decreased the persons ability to communicate - for example dementia, stroke or a physical or learning disability. Animal assisted therapy can bring about a profound change in the persons well being and can also lead to an increase in verbalisation. 

Animals offer unconditional attention to people and the difference they can make should not to be underestimated. 

  • Our goats will bring a smile to everyone that meets them.

  • They are all trained to be calm, confident and enjoy interaction with people. 

  • Pygmy goats are small - ours are particularly small - around 40cm high when fully grown.

  • Our younger goats will sit on a lap happily whilst the older goats will stand quietly beside a chair to be stroked. 

  • They do not bite or cause trouble!

  • They have been specially chosen by us for their calm temperament and love of attention and to be given the added training enabling them to become our Therapy Goats. 

  • Therapy goats wear a collar and lead and are used to walking around a building / house. 

  • For those not able to have our goats inside - we do offer an outside service where we can set up a secure area for them to play and be viewed for a few hours - they are hugely entertaining!

  • Motivate your staff and invite our goats round to your office or meeting.

TO BOOK OUR GOATS OR FIND OUT MORE - please give us a call or email us.

We are fully insured for all educational and therapy visiting.