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We have had the pleasure of dealing with Tanya @thelittlefarmingcompany to buy our two Therapy Pygmy goats, Mary & Doris and recently bought Cameroon Sheep, Fred, George & Basil. Thanks to her wealth of knowledge and support, we here at Woodstock Therapeutic Community have these wonderful additions to our service helping adults with enduring Mental Health issues gain confidence and skills working with animals in a therapeutic environment. 

Without Tanya & the boys hard work and schooling of her animals, this would not be possible. So from all of us here - we would like to thank The Little Farming Company for all their time and help. Keep up the good work. 

Billie @ The Woodstock Therapy Community

Therapy Goats & Sheep

We train many of our goats & sheep to become Therapy Animals.


Our Little goats are available to visit Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Therapy Units and Businesses.

Animals have long been shown to elevate mood, bring joy and help calm people.

There is evidence that interaction with animals will increase Oxytocin levels (the bonding hormone), increase dopamine levels (a neurotransmitter associated with rewards), decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone), decrease blood pressure, and improve PTSD/depression/anxiety in people. In educational and work environments, they can also help workers increase productivity after positive interaction with animals.

Our goats & sheep see people as a source of attention and love, so they will seek it out. We do not encourage hand feeding. We believe that our animals react better to time and gentle attention, than seeing humans as a food source.


It has long been known that animals can bring about an incredible change in mood. Some illnesses have decreased the persons ability to communicate - for example dementia, stroke or a physical or learning disability. Animal assisted therapy can bring about a profound change in the persons well being and can also lead to an increase in verbalisation. This is apparent in all ages of people from children to the elderly. 

Animals offer unconditional attention to people and the difference they can make should not to be underestimated. 

Therapy goats can also be used in an educational setting to encourage empathy, compassion and allow absorption of learning. Animals that are present in an educational space can help children with anxiety, autism and to lower barriers, which in turn helps a therapist or educational tutor achieve goals with that child. Research shows that autistic people prefer interactions with animals over humans.  This is sometimes referred to as Animal Assisted Therapy.


Goat therapy represents a natural and holistic approach to mental health interaction and support. Medical journals suggest that interaction with goats can help alleviate symptoms of mental health conditions, enhance mood and promote social interaction. Goat therapy provides a fresh & engaging alternative. However, it is essential to remember that animal assisted therapy should serve to compliment professional mental health services. 


Many of our goats are now trained for others to use as therapy animals & our sheep are often sold as residential therapy animals.

Many people have fear of dogs - but rarely goats or sheep. 

This could be cultural or through experience. Our goats and sheep do not have horns. This is a point of safety.

  • Our goats will bring a smile to everyone that meets them.

  • They are all trained to be calm, confident and enjoy interaction with people. 

  • Pygmy goats are small - ours are particularly small - around 40cm high when fully grown.

  • Our younger goats will sit on a lap happily whilst the older goats will stand quietly beside a chair to be stroked. 

  • They do not bite or cause trouble.

  • They have been specially chosen by us for their calm temperament and love of attention and to be given the added training enabling them to become our Therapy Goats. 

  • Therapy goats wear a collar and lead and are used to walking around a building / house. 

  • For those not able to have our goats inside - we do offer an outside service where we can set up a secure area for them to play and be viewed for a few hours - they are hugely entertaining!

  • Motivate your staff and invite our goats round to your office or meeting.

 Tanya Sheasby trained as an Occupational Therapist and has worked with therapy animals for over 30 years. 

BOOK OUR GOATS OR FIND OUT MORE - please give us a call or email us.

We are fully insured for all educational, wellbeing & therapy visiting.

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We are based in South West of England

& have clients all over the UK. 


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