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Our Wonderful Goats & Sheep

Pygmy Goats

We know that our perfect pedigree Pygmy goats are the most affectionate & kind that you could possibly meet.

The Pygmy Goat is small in stature but big in character.

They are affectionate, curious, gentle and hardy animals that adore the company of other goats and humans. They make amazing pets for everyone - young and old. 

Our goats do not have horns (they are disbudded under anesthetic  by a vet when they are young). This makes them much safer with children and as Therapy animals.


   What do pygmy goats need?

  • They need company of their own kind - 2 is a minimum. We only sell them as 2 or 3 and then if you want more goats, please come back. We prefer you get to know the ones you have, before you have a larger herd!

  • They need a minimum of 1/2 a tennis course size of area to play PLUS  stable / shed access. with good straw to sleep on. 

  • They hate rain, hence a stable and area of mats or paving stones / concrete for dry feet.

  • Access to good quality hay 24/7

  • A mineral lick (we will advise)

  • Fresh water - low trough or buckets, as they are small. 

  • An imaginative play area - think wooden outdoor playground! Again, we can advise.

  • Attention and love and your time.

  • Good fencing about 1.8m high with small holes (pig netting or equestrian wire is best)

  • No 'stoned' fruit trees in the area. These are very poisonous. We provide a poisonous plant check list, so you can check what you have.

  • Annual vaccinations & worm counts. (we rarely have to worm our goats, due to the garlic & herbs we feed)

  • Trimmed hooves every 8 weeks - we teach you!

Cameroon Sheep

We breed the friendliest & best bred flock of Cameroon sheep in the UK today.

Pure bred from our conformationally perfect ewes and rams, all with sound temperaments. Our particular Cameroon sheep are easy to handle.

Cameroon sheep are a small elegant, easy to keep hair breed sheep.

Naturally an alert breed, we have bred and produced our flock to become a very friendly flock. We spend a huge amount of time with them from birth, making them friendly and trusting. We do not bottle feed, but instead spend time allowing them to trust us.

We think they are the most beautiful breed of sheep around.

Small and easy to manage. 

They are one of the oldest surviving breeds of sheep in the world. Originating from West Africa they have hair NOT wool = no shearing = no fly strike. 

They are intelligent, hardy, pest resistant, low maintenance and very beautiful. 

We sell our home bred Cameroon Sheep as therapy and pet sheep to kind and deserving homes. 

What do Cameroon Sheep need?

  • 1/2 acre per max 4 sheep if they have access to good quality hay 24/7.

  • Stable / shelter as they do not like rain.

  • Hard standing area - rubber mats / concrete or paving slabs. 

  • Chelated mineral lick.

  • Garlic salt lick.

  • Fresh water.

  • Ewe nuts - I can advise on feeding amounts.

  • Some low platforms to play on - they enjoy playing on things too. We have pallets covered in rubber matting. 

  • Scratch pads so they can help shed their winter bloom coat.

  • Safe field with no stoned fruit trees. 

  • We will send a list of poisonous plants and trees.

  • Eco grazers as do not graze the ground flat.  

  • Hoof care - we teach you how to trim hooves.

  • Annual vaccinations & worm counts. 

  • Patience & kindness. We call our sheep / never herd them.


"The Little Farming Company is such a clever idea and the boys & Tanya do such a great job nurturing their animals to be so trusting and friendly. Our 'Little' goats have been a complete joy since the day they arrived and are firm friends with our dogs, chickens & rabbit too! We all adore them. They even came sledging with us this year - by choice! Thank you so very much! "

Bella  G-R. 

sit goat.jpg

"We bought two wether kids from The Little Farming Company this year. It was worth the wait. They are the most wonderfully happy balanced kids and have been handled and loved from birth, so are a fantastic addition to our family. They give us huge joy & laughter and love to be cuddled. They are trained beautifully and we adore them. Thank you so very much."   Dag & Angela B.

Tanya Sheasby & Little Ferdi Our Pygmy Goat kid.JPG
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