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Our Wonderful Goats & Sheep

Pygmy Goats

We think that our exceptional pedigree Pygmy goats are the most affectionate you can possibly meet.

The Pygmy Goat is small in stature but big in character.

They are affectionate, curious, gentle and hardy animals that adore the company of other goats and humans. They make amazing pets for everyone - young and old.

We think our 'Little' Goats are particularly special.

They are given so much love and attention before they come to you, that they are probably the friendliest and most perfect Pygmy goats around.



  • We spend hours with them daily - which gives them a firm attachment to human company.

  • They have no horns. 

  • Small goats - around 45cm fully grown.

  • They are all vaccinated and wormed.

  • They are all trained on the lead.

  • They will come when you call them - you choose your goats names. 

  • They are used to having their hooves trimmed.

  • They will have been to a major show or out and about! 

  •  Goat kids are skittish and wary when they are weaned at 10 - 12 weeks old - we take that stress away and they enter our  'Goat School' for several weeks so that when you pick them up - they rush to meet you and all their fears will have disappeared.

Cameroon Sheep

We breed the best flock of Cameroon sheep in the UK today. Pure bred and all are brought up with time, love and care. Our sheep are easy to handle.

Cameroon sheep are an elegant small breed.

We spend a huge amount of time with them from birth, making them friendly and trusting. We do not bottle feed, but instead spend time allowing them to trust us.

We think they are the most beautiful breed of sheep around.

Small and easy to manage. 

They are one of the oldest surviving breeds of sheep in the world. Originating from West Africa they have hair NOT wool = no shearing = no fly strike. 

They are intelligent, hardy, pest resistant, low maintenance and very beautiful.

We sell our home bred Cameroon Sheep as therapy and pet sheep to kind and deserving homes. 


  • Small breed - up to 60cm at the shoulder/ around 45kg in weight.

  • Hair NOT wool.

  • Eco grazers as do not graze the ground flat. 

  • Friendly and kind.

  • Inquisitive.

  • Their poop is dry pellet form like rabbit poo.

  • Hardy. Although they do need a shelter all year round as they don't have lanolin in their coat.

  • Inquisitive and gentle.

  • Females do not have horns. The rams grow beautiful horns -but are still gentle and never use them in anger.

  • Tiny cloven hooves that won't damage the ground.


"The Little Farming Company is such a clever idea and the boys & Tanya do such a great job nurturing their animals to be so trusting and friendly. Our 'Little' goats have been a complete joy since the day they arrived and are firm friends with our dogs, chickens & rabbit too! We all adore them. They even came sledging with us this year - by choice! Thank you so very much! "

Bella  G-R. 

sit goat.jpg

"We bought two wether kids from The Little Farming Company this year. It was worth the wait. They are the most wonderfully happy balanced kids and have been handled and loved from birth, so are a fantastic addition to our family. They give us huge joy & laughter and love to be cuddled. They are trained beautifully and we adore them. Thank you so very much."   Dag & Angela B.

Tanya Sheasby & Little Ferdi Our Pygmy Goat kid.JPG
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