The Little Farming Company


Our Story

Three young brothers asked for a pony.

They received 3 Pygmy goats kids...

These little goats captivated their hearts and minds and after a few years they are now rearing Pygmy Goats  for other lucky people, (with a little help from mum!).

Being outside and engaging with our animals and nature, makes us better people. Animals can bring out the best in us and it all starts with patience, kindness and trust. 

The Little Farming Company rears the friendliest and most affectionate Pygmy Goats in the country.

We have now started breeding rare breed Cameroon sheep. These sheep do not need shearing and with our help they will be biddable and easy to keep - not just a pretty picture in your front paddock.

Mum (behind the scenes) was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by animals and rural life and is passing on her knowledge to the boys. We also regularly find ourselves rescuing the odd injured wild animal and rehabilitating it back into the wild. Life is not taken for granted and we are very lucky to be able to share it with many animals and the wildlife that surrounds us. From the owl that hoots at night to the mice & birds that eat the fallen goat food!

Make Life Better. Little by Little.


Would you like to own some?

What will I need?

If you are thinking of expanding your family and would like to know more about our Pygmy Goats or Cameroon Sheep, do just email us or call anytime and we would be delighted to discuss whether we think our animals would suit your home. 

As a quick guide... this is what you will need as a basic requirement for animals:

Both goats and sheep will require you to legally register the land you use to keep them and you will need to obtain a CPH number (County Parish Number). This is because all farm animals are registered with DEFRA. You can obtain this number free of charge. from


  • A well fenced paddock / area - approx 30 - 50 sq ft  for 2 or 3 goats. Ideally with small holed stock wire and a solid top rail, as some goats are quite bold jumpers! 

  • A good shelter / stable with ventilation and a raised area (goats like to sleep up off the floor if they can!) 

  • A play area in their paddock - most important. They love to climb, balance and play. So giving them an enriching area to play, keeps them happy - and its great to watch them having fun!

  • Good hay / access to good forage. (we provide a list of poisonous plants and trees) & clean fresh water.

  • A mineral lick.

  • An area of hard standing. 

  • Time and kindness.


  • A well fenced paddock as above, with a shelter from extreme weather.

  • Access to good hay (always fed off the ground - goats and sheep will not eat hay that has fallen on the ground) and fresh water.

  • An area of hard standing is always advisable. 

  • A chelated mineral lick.

Both goats and sheep will need regular foot trimming.

Annual vaccinations.

(we also guide you on how to care for them!)