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Having a Little Meeting? 

Has everyone started to turn off their cameras in your meetings?


Let our goats join you on a Zoom. 


Everyone needs a goat to brighten up the day! 

Our goats are hugely entertaining and relaxing at the same time. 

We can have sound OFF or ON.

We can have a 'Little' Q&A during your meeting to add a bit of random farming into your day!

The goats will pop in and join you from the field (or barn if its raining! - they do hate rain!) 

Some of our Herd:


BETTY is very chatty - she will talk all day, given half a chance.

She is a curious little goat and loves to speaking to people. 

Her long dark coat is her trade mark and it has won her many compliments over the years - but it is her generous personality that makes her the darling of the herd.

ROSE is a great listener and will sit for hours to hear all the woes from the rest of the herd. She is Betty's best friend and keeps Betty from interrupting everyone else. With her short soft coat, she is the cuddly girl with a big heart. 

Both Rose & Betty are pregnant and will be first time mothers in summer 2021. 

THE KIDS - these little scamps are a bundle of energy and will whizz about and give you a little show. Although if the sun is out - they do like to also just lay back and chew the cud after their busy 'Goat School' day! 

£20.00 for 15 minutes - Please email for details.

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