The Little Farming Company

Exceptional Pygmy Goats & Pedigree Cameroon Sheep

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You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.  Pubilius Syrus


Our Pygmy goats & Cameroon sheep are incredibly special.

"They are completely heavenly - kind, curious, amazingly biddable and huge fun.  They trusted us from day one. We can't imagine life without our 'Little' goats now. Thank you Little Farming Company for rearing the best pygmy goats in the world."     Caroline JD.

"We bought two wether kids from The Little Farming Company this year. It was worth the wait. They are the most wonderfully happy balanced kids and have been handled and loved from birth, so are a fantastic addition to our family. They give us huge joy & laughter and love to be cuddled. They are trained beautifully and we adore them. Thank you so very much."   Dag & Angela B.


Kind & Loyal


Goats seem to get rather a mixed press. Many people believe them to be naughty and tricky. They are in fact intelligent and kind. Rather like a dog, if they are trained well and are given a stimulating environment and are treated with kindness and given attention, they will be loyal and affectionate pets that are endearing to have around.


Our Pygmy Goats are rather different. They are special from the moment they are born.

They are weaned at around 12 weeks into small groups and then start 'Goat School' - which lasts several weeks. 

They will join you when they graduate.


  • We spend hours with them every day - giving them confidence to learn and training them up to be your perfect pet goats.

  • They learn to come when called and not for a treat - so they don't look for food.

  • Walk calmly on a lead.

  • Have their hooves trimmed.

  • Sit on your lap.

  • Do a few tricks.

  • They are not fearful of dogs, sheep, horses, poultry etc.

  • We train many of them to become Therapy & Yoga Goats. 

  • Our goats are all trained with kindness and not because they want a treat.

Please note that our goats do NOT have horns.

Our pedigree Cameroon sheep are a great addition to any smallholding or farm. These are also pets. 

  • We also breed & produce this gentle & elegant breed of sheep. 

  • Cameroon sheep are a HAIR breed of sheep and thus do not have wool - so no shearing required = NO fly strike.

  • They don't really smell like sheep as they do not have lanolin in their coat (so will need access to a shelter all year round).

  • Ours are handled from birth, so love human company (but stay with their mums in the flock).

  • Small breed - up to about 35-45kg.

  • They are disease resistant.

  • Easy to keep and keep your grass and weeds down - they love docks, brambles, dandelions etc.

  • We also train our sheep to come to you in the field - So no need for a sheep dog! (sorry Shep!)

  • The female sheep are a polled breed (meaning the females do not grow horns - the entire males will grow a magnificent pair of horns, but unless you want a breeding male, we castrate all our ram lambs.

  • They are affectionate and enjoy the company of humans. 

  • Dry poo - like rabbit droppings.

  • Our sheep just love hugs and attention.


Why our Pygmy Goats & Cameroon Sheep make the best pets for you.

  • Goats are naturally curious and affectionate. 

  • Our goats are easy to keep as they are well trained.

  • Both the sheep and goats have dry poo droppings – like a rabbit. 

  • Our goats and sheep are kind, gentle animals for children and adults.

  • Cameroon sheep do not need shearing.

  • Sheep are grazers / Goats are browsers. We keep ours together so our paddocks look great.

  • Goats make excellent outdoor pets - esp if you are at work and cant't have dogs. They must live in minimum of 2 in a herd. Sheep must also live in a small flock (2 or more).

  • Goats do like a fun play area.

  • Sheep are happy in any well fenced field. 

  • Our goats like to sit on your lap! Our sheep are also love to hang out with us.


And now for some random facts:

  • A goat will look you in the eye. Our Cameroon sheep will also look you in the eye!

  • They both have one stomach with 4 sections (not 4 stomachs as many people think).

  • Goats have 60 Chromosomes / Sheep have 54.

  • Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed and domesticated by humans over 10,000 years ago. 

Thank you to Sally Blair for allowing us to use many of her beautiful images she has taken.